Korean halal medical food

When Muslim tourists travel to S.Korea, they feel difficult to choose what they eat. Halal Medical lunch box is newly launched. 

Halal drum sticks of chicken

Main is drumsticks of chicken with halal certificated. With chicken, Korean medical herb and vegetable mixed

Korean herb and vegetable

All those are cooked. In S. Korea, traditionally there is medical food. Like turmeric, well known for material for curry, yellow grass is good for anti-cancer, anti-infection and anti-hangover. Mushroom is recognized as super food. It is effective for reducing cholesterol, protecting hyperlipidemia and anti-cancer.

Baked mushroom, onion and carrot and turmeric
Korean honey and fast soy bean paste

Honey is called the treasure of nature. It contains vitamin and mineral. So It is specially good for anti-cancer, anti-acid.

The last step is master and expert’s hands. Andong is very famous for keeping Korea’s traditional culture and food recipe. Senior cook and expert collaborate together for this halal lunch box. 

From more than 5 pieces can be delivered. The retail price is 22,000krw. contact +82-102185-8350(whatsapp)

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