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Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung palace is famous as one of the Must-go siteS to foreign tourists. It was main palace of Chosun dynasty from early of 15 century. Now this place gets famous with changing of guard. It is good for taking video. It is held twice a …

Busan Mountainside Road

Before Korean war(1950-1953), Busan was not big. But during 3 year’s civil war, almost 1 million people came to Busan from Northern side of Korean peninsula. Really population explosion happened. Of course, no space for residence. When refugee arrived in Busan, S.Korea government gave them …

Seoul Sunset park

The best place to enjoy Seoul sunset is Noeul park, Noeul means sunset. Not only to watch sunset, bu enjoy flowers and various grass on the field. Actually here is the trash dump. Trash made mountain. After developing Seoul more and more , Seoul Government …