[Ronapic] Freedom statue Of Incheon

Incheon was popular as airport. Most foreigners are visiting S. Korea need to use Incheon airport. But they don’t know Incheon has the second largest sea port and a lot of historical events happened in Incheon because it has a sea port. During Korean War(1950.0625-1953.07.27), United Nation Army(The first Peace Keeping Army) made Turning around operation in Incheon. In the Korean War, S.Korea & UN army was retreated over and over until the most southern part of Korean peninsula. At that time, UN army commander, general McArthur did drastic military operation to cut the N.Korea army’s supply line in the middle of Korean peninsula. It was called Incheon Landing. Another historical event was in middle of the 18th century. Western countries and Japan made pressure to the Chosun Dynasty to open its country to them. So the 1st modern hotel in Korean peninsula was built in Incheon. Last is China town. After Chinese continent became a communism country, lots of Chinese people escaped from Shandong province to Incheon. They made a town in Incheon. China town of Incheon is the largest in S.Korea. From this China townm various fusion food was invented. The representative fusion food is “Jjajangmyeon”. It is a kind of noodle with hot source called Chunjang-fermented soybean paste-.

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