Seoul Sunset park

Big Vase at sunset park

The best place to enjoy Seoul sunset is Noeul park, Noeul means sunset. Not only to watch sunset, bu enjoy flowers and various grass on the field. Actually here is the trash dump. Trash made mountain. After developing Seoul more and more , Seoul Government decided here not to use trash dump and to develop Eco-friendly.

The top of trash dump was developed as eco-park. Highlight is in autumn. Lots of reed are full of the eco-park. A lot of people enjoy reed festival in every Oct. The wat go this park is by subway. Line 6, World cup stadium station Exit1. Over the street, you can find ticket box and ther you go there by electronic car to save environment.

Surely here is the best place to watch Seoul sunset, but you can get to realize how severe the pollution is in Seoul and how important we save the globe.

As you see in the above picture, over the river side is murky. To enjoy sunset, you had better go by electronic car by 18:00. But the park keep open until 20:30. after 18:00, you have to walk. you can mix by electronic car and on you feet.

After you finish sunset tour, I recommend to stop by at the Peace park of sunset park next door. It is also pretty, well-decorated park for Insta pictures.

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