APPAC  Official Tour




Tour name: Seoul Traditional Legacy Immersion Tour
Price: 150usd per person

08:00 Leave from hotel
09:30 Gryeongbokging palace
            ( changing of guard, photo time,
              palace tour)
11:30 Blue Houe(predential house)
12:30 Lunch at Insadong (Ancient Street) – Korean Galbi Set
14:00 Namsan Touwer Tour
15: 30 Gwangjang Old market 
16:30 Headig for hotel

 Tour Description
From palace to old market, look through Korea’s historic landmark and taste
life style.

If any tourist want free time , can enjoy their free time. meat again at
Gwangjang Market.

This tour starts from 5 ppl. More than 10 ppl, use premium bus with wifi.

Any tourist want other option, feel free to inquire at +
82-10-2185-8350(whatsapp,viber) or


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